Equivalency and credit transfer

At WU we use the terms ‘credit transfer’, ‘advanced standing’, or ‘equivalency’ for the procedure of granting credit to a student for educational experiences or courses/modules undertaken at another institution.

Acceptance of courses/modules and credits deemed suitable for transfer to WU is determined by faculty in the school responsible for instruction in the subject area. Students requesting transfer credit of coursework from another higher learning institution must submit their academic transcripts for primary verification. If the course/module content does not meet WU standards, WU also offers its own online Benchmark Testing services to those students who have acquired prior learning in specific fields of study, e.g. Anatomy, and wishes to earn credits by exam.

WU also receives applications from candidates who do not quite meet the admission requirements set out for the respective programs of study. The majority of these candidates fall short of either the number of admission points, or they have obtained a lesser grade towards a specific Grade 12 subject, e.g., they obtained an E-symbol for English Grade 12, as illustrated by the following examples:

Example A:

 Joseph seeks admission to the BS Nursing Sciences program of study. Unfortunately, he only obtained an E-symbol for English in Grade 12, and therefore he does not meet the minimum admission requirement for this program of study. How can WU assist Joseph?

WU Answers:
Joseph may enroll for English Third Semester Stream concurrently with modules offered in the BS Nursing Sciences program of study. Joseph‟s registration as a BS Nursing Sciences student is subject to passing the English Third Semester exam at the end of the Third Semester (6 months). Upon having passed the English Third Semester exam, Joseph‟s provisional registration is changed to unconditional registration.

If Joseph does not want to enroll for English Third Semester, he may apply to write the online English Benchmark Test at WU. This is a free service offered by WU. The English Benchmark Test covers the Cambridge International Examinations syllabi for English as a Second Language (IGCSE Grade 12 syllabi). Hence, the English Benchmark Test at WU mirrors the IGCSE Grade 12 examination papers.

Upon passing the English Benchmark Test, WU acknowledges the symbol obtained via Benchmark testing at WU. These credits obtained via English Benchmark testing are however, not transferrable to other Institutions of Higher Learning, unless such other Institution has entered into an agreement with WU to do so.

Example B:

 Martha experienced difficulties and adverse circumstances during her Grade 12 year, and she could therefore not perform optimally. Her overall Grade 12 performance was adversely affected by these circumstances, and her total number of admission points for entry into the B.Med.Sci program falls short of 25. How can WU assist Martha?

WU Answers:
Martha may apply for admission to the B.Med.Sci program, and concurrently write one or more of the online Benchmark Tests in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, or Mathematics, in order to improve her admission points score. Admission points earned through Benchmark testing are calculated in a similar fashion as depicted in the APS Table <click here>.

In order for Martha to secure her admission to the B.Med.Sci, Martha is advised to register at no cost for online Benchmark testing prior to submission of her application form. However, if Martha was in no position to register for online Benchmark Testing prior to her application for admission to the B.Med.Sci program offered at WU, she may still register and write anyone of the Benchmark Tests during the period that her application is reviewed and/or processed. She needs to notify the WU Administrator at info@welwitchiauniversity.com of her wish to improve her admission points score via Benchmark testing.

Example C:

 Maria did not have the opportunity to take Biology and Mathematics during her high schooling. She now wants to apply for admission to the B.Med.Sci program offered at WU, but WU says that she must have passed Biology Grade 12 to be admitted. How can WU assist Maria?

WU Answers:
Maria should register for the applicable subjects offered via Third Semester at WU, in this case Biology and Mathematics.

She‟ll receive online lectures and tutorials for the duration of the Third Semester, i.e. six (6) months, and then write the WU Benchmark Test in the subjects taken as Third Semester. If Maria wants to do Third Semester subjects concurrently with 1st year modules offered in the B.Med.Sci program, the number of 1st year modules so taken must be negotiated with the B.Med.Sci Program Director, so that Maria does not overload herself.

It is usually reasonable to say that Maria may only take two (2) Third Semester subjects concurrently with the 1st year of B.Med.Sci program of study.

Example D:

 Graham wants to transfer from another university to WU, but is worried that WU will expect him to re-do the modules that he already passed at the other university. How can WU assist Graham?

WU Answers:
Graham is advised to submit his academic transcript, proving that he has indeed passed these modules at his previous university. If the applicable Program Director at WU is uncertain about the content covered by anyone of the modules passed at the previous university, the WU may require Graham to take a WU Benchmark Test in that module.

In this case, Graham is certain that he has covered the module content of Social Psychology, but at his previous university this module was known as Social Studies. Graham may take the WU Benchmark Test for Social Psychology at WU, and so earn credits by exam.

WU recognizes most course/module exchanges, subject to additional content requirements set by the different schools. Course/module transfer information, including online transfer equivalency systems, is available to all prospective students.

Example E:

 Sarah wants to apply for admission to the Education program of study, based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), or based on her mature age. She has worked for a number of years as a nursery school teaching assistant, and feels that she has acquired applicable skills and knowledge via short courses, workshops, and in-service training opportunities.

She, however, did not receive a formal certificate or diploma that acknowledges this learning, and neither did she pass certain subjects in Grade 12 required now for admission to the Education program offered at WU. Sarah asks, “… is it possible for me to improve myself through tertiary study at WU, despite my educational background?”

WU Answers:
Sarah may register for WU Benchmark testing in those areas that she has obtained non-formal education and training, provided that the content of such non-formal education and training can be formulated as a stand-alone module offered at WU, or as a Grade 12 subject, whichever applies.

Upon passing the applicable WU Benchmark Test, Sarah will receive credits by exam, which she may use to support her application for admission at WU.